Saks Pure Cashmere Wrap


Soft and endlessly chic, this pure cashmere wrap from Saks Fifth Avenue makes a warm and cozy winter accessory. Bright blue color will brighten and refresh your traditional winter coat! New condition, never used.

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Saks Pure Cashmere Wrap


  • 84 inches long, 22 inches wide


  • Generous length and width makes it a warm wrap or a full-size scarf


  • Bright blue


  • 100% cashmere


  • Like new, never used


  • We’ll ship this item to you in 1-2 business days


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How to wear a Saks pure cashmere wrap

The Drape (the simplest way to wear a wrap)

  1. Drape the wrap around your neck without looping or tying.
  2. Adjust it so that it hangs equally on both sides.

The Classic

  1. Loop your wrap once around your neck.
  2. Adjust so that both ends hang equally long underneath the loop.

The Loop

  1. Double the wrap and put it around your neck so that the loop end is just below your collarbone.
  2. Pull the two ends through the opening of the loop and adjust to comfort.

The Cozy

  1. Place the wrap so that one end is just below your collarbone.
  2. Wrap the loose end around your neck twice.
  3. Tuck the ends into the doubled-over loops.

The Waterfall

  1. Loop the wrap around your neck, leaving one end at mid-chest level.
  2. Take the longer loose end and pull it through the original loop at your neck.
  3. Pull the end through, leaving a draped piece of wrap to hang in folds across your chest.


About Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is the premier destination for luxury fashion, driven by a mission to help customers express themselves through relevant and inspiring style. Since its inception in 1924, Saks has delivered one-of-a-kind shopping experiences. It features an expertly curated assortment of fashion, such as this pure cashmere wrap.

By offering the finest quality men’s and women’s fashions, as well as an extraordinary program of customer services, Saks Fifth Avenue has become the byword for taste and elegance.

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